Disinformation Propaganda warfare is increasingly shaping narratives, policies and lives around the world.

Armed Conflict

How both anti-Western and anti-Russian spin are used to (re)define ongoing armed conflicts on both sides

Foreign Proxies

Pro-Russian and pro-Western forces play out an ideological battle for influence across the globe


News Brief
16 October, 2018
Twitter Releases Details of Russian and Iranian Trolling

Twitter has released a trove of more than 10 million tweets that it says were linked to Russian and Iranian state-backed trolling operations, in what it calls an act of “transparency” aimed at improving public understanding of alleged foreign influence campaigns.” In a statement published online, the U.S.-based company said that most of the tweets

10 October, 2018
US Spying and Stealth Diplomacy Blocked Russian Meddling in Macedonia

The U.S. government intervened to stall a Russian disinformation campaign this summer that was aimed at preventing the Balkan state of Macedonia from joining NATO, according to a report in The New York Times. It comes amid signs of a more aggressive Western pushback against Moscow’s espionage and influence operations, following the coordinated naming and

9 October, 2018
Fake ‘Manspreading’ Video Shared by Kremlin-backed Site Sparks Real Backlash Against #Metoo

A video showing a purported feminist activist supposedly pouring bleach over men on a Russian subway train for having their legs spread too wide helped spur a viral backlash against the MeToo movement after it was shared by a youth-oriented site run by the Kremlin-backed RT network (formerly known as Russia Today). The reaction to

4 October, 2018
Russia’s GRU Intelligence Agency Named, Shamed and Indicted

Western governments have launched a coordinated legal and public relations offensive against the Russian military’s GRU intelligence agency, in response to what they say is its role in a global campaign of cyber-hacking, attempted assassination and disinformation spreading. It comes amid growing evidence of a renewed Russian disinformation offensive aimed at deflecting such pressure, with

2 October, 2018
Second Russian Historian Investigating Stalin Crimes Charged With Pedophilia

A historian and museum director who has devoted much of his life to investigating a mass grave of victims of Stalin’s terror in northern Russia has been detained and charged with “indecent acts” with children, according to the Meduza news website and other sources. Sergey Koltyrin’s arrest in the Karelia region earlier this week is

27 September, 2018
New Boss For Italian State TV Is Old Fan Of Fake News

No this is not fake news. The man just appointed to run Italy’s state broadcaster, therefore overseeing its daily news output, has a history of sharing fake news on social media. Marcello Foa, who is about to take the controls of Italy’s Rai network, has also been a regular contributor to Kremlin-backed media outlets, and

19 September, 2018
White Nationalists Exploiting YouTube’s Youth Appeal

When a debate involving the infamous white nationalist Richard Spencer arguing the case for racism was live-streamed on YouTube in January this year, it was briefly the site’s number one trending video worldwide, and it has gone on to attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. That is one finding of a new report looking at

16 September, 2018
Russia Says Ukraine Shot Down MH17 Amid Pressure Over UK Poisoning

The Russian Defense Ministry has said Ukraine was responsible for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 four years ago, saying it did not possess the missile that brought down the jet, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board. Russia has made similar claims before, but the announcement — made in a specially-convened

13 September, 2018
AP News Agency Bows to Russian Pressure Over Moscow’s WWII Pact with Nazi Germany

The Associated Press news agency has acceded to a Russian request to delete the term “former ally” from an article mentioning the Soviet Union’s pact with Nazi Germany during World War II, according to a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. It’s the latest example of Russia and a rising number of other countries around

11 September, 2018
Russian Disinformation Prompted Turks To Blame US for 2016 Coup

Russian media outlets helped to stoke anti-American feelings in Turkey and spread claims that the United States had been behind the July 2016 coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to Turkish independent news website Ahval. Websites and channels linked to the Russian government also sought to undermine cooperation between Turkey and the European,

5 September, 2018
Russia Thinks YouTube May Be “Interfering” in Russian Elections

The Russian government has ordered Google to prevent the country’s leading opposition figure from posting on its YouTube video sharing site, warning the U.S. tech giant that if it fails to respond it will be considered as “direct interference” in upcoming elections. The warning, issued by Russia’s censorship agency, is one of several put out

4 September, 2018
Russia Accused of New Disinformation Offensive As It Predicts Rebel “Chemical Attack”

Russia’s Defense Ministry has accused Syrian rebels of planning a chemical attack on their own people in Idlib province — their last remaining stronghold — as part of a “false flag” operation aimed at framing the Syrian government and provoking Western intervention. After being published as a press release late last month, the claim was